Hi, I'm Weszt
I'm a musician, songwriter, world traveler, blogger, and husband who also designs strategic user experiences.
Hanami Design?
Meaning "flower viewing", hanami is a very cool thing to do in Japan if you're there at the right time of year.
Freelance projects?
I keep pretty busy, but I occasionally do freelance. Feel free to ask.
Study and Experiment
I learn as many technologies and disciplines as I can to do increasingly more with my time.

Hi, my name is Weszt.

I’m a Senior User Experience designer with a background in front-end design and development for web sites, apps, and business systems. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Walt Disney World/Team Disney, Hooters Calendar, Hilton, and more.

I’m currently¬†working on League of Legends at Riot Games (Summoner: VonBurgermeister), specifically on the Player Behavior Team, bringing value where I can to projects like the Honor Initiative and Tribunal (among other things).

Hanami Design is my portfolio and blog where I write about UX/UI design, productivity, and my experiments.